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Well, you’re no Todd Martin.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, October 15, 2004 at 11:39 am by flerly.

Several things shall now spew forth at ramble pace. JamesT has interesting, twisted dreams, and I love him. WW is harder than I thought, but I stuck to it last week. I really massively get angry at being called a liar, directly or indirectly, and really don’t just laugh it off. I am tired of finding people I get along with can’t get along with each other. I need to call my sister and see if she’s had time to house hunt for mom. It’s nearly time for that “power of attorney” intervention to get her out of there. Tired of seniors who have to choose between food and medicine? Hi, meet my mom, who decided she could save $30 a month if she quit taking her blood pressure medicine. Talking to her lately makes my blood pressure go up. I’ve decided to say fuck-it to the household and make some recipes I simply want to make, and let them eat out if it’s not to their taste. So far, so good, but I really don’t think they’d complain — with one singular exception — anyway. I think I’d have to be really really desperately bored to even consider going to that Team American movie despite the good review I just read. Moreover, it may be less than a renter and more of a “wait until it comes on basic cable and I’m really bored” sort of movie. I’m tired of the South Park guys. And now, I should shower and go in search of wine to take to dinner.


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