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Not the best weekend…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 18, 2004 at 9:38 pm by flerly.

Well, Friday night was fine. Dinner with friends, got to see Skittles “new” place, but that late night caused a massive shift in my sleep schedule which I haven’t yet gotten over. Since I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning, I tried to go to bed earlier last night, but ended up developing a nice headache instead. So, I decided to read in bed, which usually makes me sleepy, but this time I managed to last almost four hours reading before I really realized that the book wasn’t doing the trick.

But, no matter. Shot at the doc’s was quick, as always, and I was home and catching a few more zzz’s with JamesT in no time. Lucky for me only one phone call and one ticket today. Still no updates to the site I’m supposed to work on this week, so lucky me. Easy day.

So, we goofed a bit and after a quick lunch went up to the shooting range. JamesT started his gun safety course yesterday, and they asked everyone to come in and shoot at least once before the next week. I think I understand what to do, as far as staying on target when shooting, but my arm just gets tired holding the gun up. My first shot of a turn was always the best. JamesT, of course, solid as he is and annoyingly good at everything, manages to shoot great even one-handed.

After guns, we came home and checked out Jim’s malfunctioning car, or rather JamesT checked it out. After a quick dinner, we hit the parts stores, and three stores later still couldn’t find plug wires, so they had to be ordered. Jim needs his car to not be dying on the middle of the interstate anymore so that he can (fingers crossed) take his Metaframe contract offer for a few days work up in Nashville.

But, I babble. It was a day of guns and cars. And now, it’s time for violent video games. =)


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  1. birdoprey has made a Comment

    bang bang, let me know when you kids want to go shooting. I’m a gun owner.

    October 19, 2004 @ 7:45 am

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