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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, October 29, 2004 at 7:24 pm by flerly.

So yes, it’s been a crazy week, but thankfully one of my super-secret favorite holidays is upon us, as is the weekend, at last. There’s a paycheck in the bank, food is simmering on the stove, there’s a tasty glass of iced-tea by my side, and the world is back to it’s normal spin.

As I was telling JamesT yesterday, on our drive home from our second trip to Chattanooga in 5 days, “It’s a heck of a commute.” At his current job position, James is stuck working this Halloween weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, and Christmas weekend, and I don’t really have to post about how thrilled that all makes him, do I? Things have been so crazy, we’re really stumped on costume ideas. had a great one, with her “Chick Magnet“… inspiring, really. Sorta miss having an office that dresses up for Halloween. Well, sorta miss having an office.

So, yesterday was a difficult day of visiting James’ great-grandmother, unexpectedly in the hospital. His dad had left us the “you’d better get up here and see her while you can” message, while we were out at the concert. Knowing the weekend would be too hard to take off work, we decided to head up ASAP for the day, Thursday. As (bad) luck would have it, we had also gotten word during the week of a Mystery Power SurgeTM which took out James’ Dad’s computer, so with flashbacks of last year’s MPSTM which took out James’ grandparents computer, we went up armed with plenty of spare parts.

Despite the craziness, the dread, how hard it is to visit someone so sick in the hospital, who is as aware as you are of why you had to take off work ASAP to visit…. despite all that, there still managed to be a wonderful, absurdly funny moment yesterday. We arrived at JT’s Dad’s house, headed up to the room over the garage where their office is set up, and found the ceiling swarming with lady bugs. The absurdly funny part of this, to me, is that JT’s Dad is currently working as an exterminator. It’s like the old adage about the mechanic — takes care of every car but his own, not actually true about my Dad, at least. Guess the exterminator takes care of every house but his own.

Also, as the notice I got that this new homestar runner cartoon was up reminded me, James’ little brother Noah sounds just like Homestar. Seriously. He doesn’t know what that is, so explaining why we were cracking up at dinner was difficult. This year he’s all set to go as Mario, but next year, we are SO fixing him up as Homestar Runner and teaching him some things to say….


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