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American Baking Psycho

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 24, 2004 at 12:04 am by flerly.

Well, my grand experiment was a failure, or perhaps a success, considering it turned out exactly how I knew it would — it failed. Mother is staying put, solo, in the City of Bluffs. Up until Monday she was teasing me with excitement over FINALLY meeting any member of JamesT’s family other than Mr. T himself– yes, we’ve been together going on six years now and this still hasn’t happened. I guess that’s one thing weddings are for. She was invited, again, to James’ mom’s house for Thanksgiving, and again she is not going. This time at least she has a decent excuse, with her blood pressure/stroke risk issues. She’s still not supposed to be driving.

So after promising me she’d call up her sister, have a dinner for two and use her last movie certificates to take them both to “that movie about Santa Claus”, I’m sure she’ll actually tell her sister she’s going to Chattanooga, hide her car, and hibernate at home. It’s all good if its what she wants. She still sounds excited about having everyone at her house for Christmas this year at least.

JamesT has had this entire week off, and doesn’t have to work until Saturday — what a great week for non-stop rain. I think he’s bored to death. I set up a workout space in the garage, which was fine on days he’s at work and it’s empty, but this week I haven’t bothered to pull his car out into the rain. So in lieu of extra exercise, I decided to hit the Weight Watchers holiday recipes and whip up some things to take to the family get together that I know I can eat and enjoy — namely, desserts. I had a huge list of items I wanted to make, but narrowed it down to Oreo Cheesecake and German Chocolate Upside-down Cake. Since it looks like we’ll be heading out early in the morning tomorrow, and since that Oreo Cheesecake took hours to make, I went ahead and did most of my baking tonight, including both desserts and a squash casserole. I have a sweet potato casserole to make, too, but I may just say screw it — or just take the stuff up to Chattavegas and only make it if there is free oven time tomorrow at JamesT’s mom’s house. If not, no huge loss.

With Jimmy gone until at least Thursday night, I guess Brad will have the house to himself for whatever Turkey-themed pajama-party sort of thing he wants to have. It’s all good. As for us, I guess we’ll be back Friday sometime. I’ve left some tickets sitting so I’ll have work to do over the weekend while JamesT is working, because I’m not going near a retail establishment over the weekend. Netflix has delivered movies, I’m not even done with Season 1 of Farscape, and I could certainly stand to watch all 13 Wonderfalls episodes again — so plenty of chill out/at home stuff to do until the shopping and traffic madness subside.

Oh well, the boys were watching American Psycho, which seems to be over. Best get up from here and see what’s going on now.


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