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How YOU doin?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, December 3, 2004 at 1:08 pm by flerly.

No space or patience with the new kitten to attempt to put up my Christmas tree this year, so instead I’m hauling it back to Mom’s next weekend to put it up there. This weekend is the much anticipated (sold out) Marilyn Manson concert — what to wear, what to wear. Perhaps this same Tootsie-Roll T-shirt I picked up yesterday, since it earned me a “How you doin?”, a “Wow, I remember that commercial!”, and a “Okay, show me the rest of that tattoo” conversation all at the local Kroger today.

I am SO happy that I actually feel better, which is the annoying stage of taking antibiotics — I have to remember to take them all even though I don’t feel the ick anymore. Oh well. Past few evenings have been spent power-leveling our DAoC characters and generally getting my blood pressure up. Games are supposed to be fun, right? I’m still in “get the hang of it” mode I guess. James is a doll. Bruce & Jimmy are psycho ass-munchers. =) Perhaps someone less stressed should be in charge of the teamspeak microphone.

Yesterday afternoon I started getting emails asking me about remedy tickets I’d never heard of, which led me to login to the system, despite me having no new issue notices. Surprise, there were nearly 40 of them sitting there–all are from the same two (newish) customer service people, so I’m wondering if there is some setting about sending me notifications that they aren’t checking. Only the old school folks seem to send me notices. ANYWHO, so I stressed about that last night (while playing DAoC) and after laying down for about 10 minutes, decided to give up tossing and turning, got up, and cranked out some tickets for about three hours. It wasn’t really that much of a dent, though, so I guess lunch is officially over, and this is me getting back to work.


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