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Happy Birthday to Brad and Merry Christmas to Us…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 8, 2004 at 1:28 pm by flerly.

Last night’s “want to go out” certainly ended up more interesting than originally intended. Thankfully the weather was nice enough to let us sit at one of the outdoor tables at Fado, and when their dessert menu was found lacking, I pulled a trick I’d learned from and suggested dessert and drinks at the Sundial. Although alcohol, rich desserts, and big cushy club chairs didn’t exactly combat our sleepiness, it was still a good idea. We had one of those I can’t believe we’ve never been here before moments, as we appreciated the night skyline. Another old story about donating peanuts to the cause of a drunken group of merrymakers at a revolving restaurant in Nashville, led to the notion of leaving a peanut trail at the Sundial — which a sleepy, yet stealthy, and JamesT managed to do. We should have read that sign that said it was 35 minutes around before we got the keen idea to start, as we were already finished with drinks and dessert and had to manage to just sit idly looking innocent for one revolution.

Today, a quick call from the Best Buy meant that Jimmy was bringing us home copies of the Dark Age: Catacombs expansion on his way home from his contract gig. It seems the game requires all previous expansions, though, so he just ran back out to buy Atlantis. I guess this means “game on” tonight.

It seems I won’t be heading to Mom’s this weekend after all — the December calendar is just too scary. If I can swing it with these tickets, I’m going to TRY to sneak up Tuesday night and come back Thursday just to help her get a tree up, pick out a cheap microwave, and all those other little things I promised to do before everyone gets there for the holidays. JamesT didn’t mention it, but we ran into an old college bud of his at the Marilyn Manson concert, who just happened to be the guy James saw MM with ~6 years prior. Even they are having to try to schedule a get together sometime for January… Already have an evite for Billy’s New Year’s gig, but with Wayne wanting to have fireworks extravaganza at his lake house for New Years and with Angela and Dennis not flying back to San Diego until after New Years, I’m already torn between what family to hang out with.

Ugh… and not to mention trying to figure out when to work in using this lovely massage gift certificate I got. Lord knows the aching lower back could use it, though the hot soaks and new desk chair are helping, but I think it’ll have to be saved for a post holiday date.


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