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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 20, 2004 at 12:10 am by flerly.

In India, “cold weather” is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy.
— Mark Twain

In Atlanta, “cold weather” is what we got, mang. Yeah, so I’m way less eloquent than Mark Twain. You’re surprised?

It’s fricking freezing out! What a fabulous day to venture out and finish up the Christmas shopping, no? Weather aside, though, we did it. We’ve ticked off every name on the list to our satisfaction. JamesT technically still needs to get his Bad Santa swap gift, but it was unavailable for purchase today in the state of Georgia. =)

Anywho, talked to a much calmer Mom on the phone today, who informed me that she thought she might have to turn the thermostat up since it was just so cold outside. I think I may have to crank it up to 60, she said. I say, Mom! What do you sit there in three pairs of socks, long underwear under your jeans and ski-pants, huddled around the oven all day? She just laughed. I’ll turn it up while the family is here, she said.

I, happily, got my big Christmas present early yesterday — a new, nicer (functional) digital camera, since mine had apparently died in one of the freak power surges we had a couple weeks ago when I’d left it hooked up to a PC. I won’t swear that’s what did it, but it’s the only thing we can think of. We took shots of the motorcycles at the movies, hooked it up to the PC to pull them via the USB cord, and left it there. The power surge happened. Later, we went to use the camera and noticed it no longer took anything but solid black pictures.

But anyway, the new camera is very cool and the bestest present ever, just in time for seeing people I rarely see first thing in the morning gathered around lots of flying bits of wrapping paper. It even has burst mode for taking great action photos. =) The choice whether to just get the current camera fixed or go for an upgrade wasn’t too hard once we actually got to looking at them, and I’m very pleased. JamesT is like that — he likes to go for one big ticket, wow-em item for Christmas instead of the million goofy little things I get him usually. Since I got the camera, I let him open one of his toys early, too, his shiny new silver Mazda RX8 radio control car, and he’s been merrily tormenting the cats with it today.

Mom asked me today what kinda things I wanted for Christmas, even though I’ve made her swear not to get me anything. She is darned determined to get me some of those Pfaltzcraft dishes that I drool over at Dixie Pottery, no matter how much I tell her that I don’t have a place to store them right now and already have so many cheap dishes that we use, and that I’d rather use right now. Make those a housewarming present, I keep telling her. First house, then dishes. If anything, we really need to get a decent vacuum cleaner since I’ve killed ours with cleaning up stray kitty litter apparently. We’ve been looking at those cool Dyson vac’s, which are $400+, but supposedly the ultimate to have, and even told JamesT’s mom that she could get us a gift card for Sears which we can put toward one, since she didn’t really like any of our other Christmas suggestions. Even with that Dyson vac, I’m still thinking about getting one of those little wet/dry vacs I saw for kitty litter duty. They had a tiny one at Sears for like $20 which would tuck right in under the counter with the litterbox.

BUT… all shopping for ourselves is on hold until January, that’s for sure. I, at least, have done enough — I dunno about JamesT. I restrained myself from getting the boots I wanted, but I gave in to the urge for some new sweaters, which I very nearly forced on JamesT to wrap for me. I’d already, back months ago, pre-ordered some DVD’s I wanted, and I ordered us both Marilyn Manson concert T’s from his website, since we didn’t pick up any in person — happily spending away as if I didn’t have to budget in Christmas.

Oh well. It’s all worked out. And now… to bed, to find the strength to face these next three hectic work days before vacation. Merry Christmas, everybody.


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