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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 6, 2005 at 2:18 pm by flerly.

Not that anyone but me really cares, but I took the layoff/time off which coincided with a new year as my cue to finally get some shit done…. like legally changing to my married name. What a hassle! Gah, the paperwork… so much has to be done in person, everyone wants to see the certified marriage certificate, and oh how nice, surprise, this means a new Driver’s License photo, which the website said nothing about. I couldn’t have ended up with a more National Lampoon looking photo if I’d tried…. egad.

Only ONE person commented about the date on certificate being July 2003 and wondered why I had waited so long. Lucky for me this was the very funny and helpful man at the Wachovia, who also noticed it was a Nevada certificate. We joked, and I told him since it was a spur of the moment Las Vegas wedding I wanted to give us a year or so to make sure we didn’t change our minds before I committed to a last name. He suggested that more celebrities should think that way before they even announce their marriages. I told him we were about ready to make the announcement to our families. He suggested we wait and see how this Valentines Day goes. It was weird to be laughing and going on at a bank, but it was a nice change from the miserable time I had at the DMV.

After the half hour wait at the DMV, I was given a number and told it would probably be an hour and fifteen minutes until they called it, and that if it was after 5pm that I had to come back another day. I look at my watch and see it is an hour and 10 minutes until 5, but pull out my magazine and decide to risk it and join the throng of other people waiting to be called. There’s nothing funny about the DMV. The DMV is a miserable, harsh, florescent lit, pit of hell, where you can’t even manage to amuse yourself wasting cell phone minutes because the damn computer voice calling numbers is so freaking loud.

Because it’s so loud and also highly visible on a foot-high digital readout, the DMV is not forgiving about missing your number being called. They’ll call you twice, maybe three times, allowing you 2-3 seconds each time to make some move like you are getting up to head their way, or else they move on to the next person. On the one hand, I felt so bad for a very elderly lady in front of me who heard her number and started fussing to put away her magazine and gather her things immediately, yet didn’t manage to actually stand up in the few seconds allowed, and was thus deemed not present. She arrived at the counter at the same time as the next number they’d called and the bright and cheerful (read moody and evil) DMV employee snapped at her, Ma’am, you missed your number. You’ll have to get another one.. It was too close to five and they weren’t giving out anymore numbers, so she had to leave.

Like I said, on the one hand, I felt really bad for her. But on the other hand… she was two numbers in front of me and the whole incident is surely what got my number called just under the wire.


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