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Thank goodness!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, January 17, 2005 at 2:04 pm by flerly.

I’m so happy to have the laptop with wireless access these days. I mean, on a day like today, who could resist the urge to go lounge in the sun by the pool.

I mean…

The cats have taught me that there are only two warm places in the entire house: the kitchen and Jim’s room. I’m just glad I can use the lappy to get some work done from either of these locations as well as from the also warm, tucked-under-a-pile-of-bedcovers location. Not even a gallon of hot coffee has managed to warm me up. God forbid, I may try a workout tape. I sure hope I don’t hurt myself working out in these huge cat slippers. I sure hope Jim doesn’t come downstairs in his new dog slippers. Or wait, maybe we’d have a red shoes-ish experience where our animal footwear comes to life and causes us to chase each other around until we are warm.

And, though I love having a doctor’s office that’s not a hassle to get to, it took longer to let my car sit and run to warm up than it did to get there. Then, of course, I have to wait for 45 minutes to have a 2-minute procedure, then go back to a cold car again.

I sure whine a lot. Perhaps I should try out the new snow-thermals and shaddap.


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