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at least it’s Friday…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, February 18, 2005 at 12:54 pm by flerly.

Not the shiniest, happiest day so far… apparently I’ve discovered an unfriendly little glitch with some of our agent templates, which there SEEMS to be a system in place to fix, but although it goes through all the motions, doesn’t actually work to fix anything. After writing up in great detail what I’ve already tried, I’m now waiting for feedback from developers in Hawaii, which means… probably no news until later tonight.

I should use this time to go get a haircut… or else go legally change my name to Shaggy Thornton.

And… a second after I click to open a window to say hi to , she signs off. =\ Bad timing with the lunch hour, I assume. Hopefully that means she’s leaving early to enjoy her Friday… and all because I was too slow looking up the Tigger songthat I was going to paste to her to say hello.

Oh well… I do know that next week I have meetings meetings meetings to go to. Have to be in the Kennesaw office Wednesday for sure, and two other local customer meetings will happen in their offices sometime also. Been a long time since I pulled out the “dressy” clothes…. guess I’ll have to figure out that stuff this weekend. Dunno the times yet, but perhaps it will be a good opportunity to hookup with folks for lunch.


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