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! you’re dead

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 1, 2005 at 3:12 pm by flerly.

I’d hate to try too hard looking back in the journal to see when the last “Kill me. Kill me now.” post was, but it sure seems like a while. Today is one of those days.

Announcement number one: Samuel is making me insane. If he stays, he may be a 100% outdoor cat, rain or shine. The dumb animal likes to play like he can’t figure out how to make the cat food dispenser work (even though he CAN actually, he’s just lazy). Three conference calls in a row he chooses to plant himself on my desk so he can knock shit off while I’m talking, in order to get my attention to go tap the dispenser so he can eat, then five minutes later, go outside, then five minutes later, he’s at the window begging to be let back in to repeat the process. At the very least, he’s going out every morning and staying there until I quit for the day.

*sigh* Fondly do I think of the days when web design meant editing an HTML page and ftp-ing it to a web server. For years I complained about the “custom and retarded” variation on HTML that I had to use with Comstock and their horrible web interface designed to upload it, but at least if one were so inclined you could ssh over to the web server and edit the file with vi when the web interface had barfed. Today, I find myself surrounded by retarded web interfaces with no option but to scream, cry, bang my head on the desk, and answer the phone to explain when something I was uploading on one customer’s site suddenly copies itself out to two other customer’s sites. Why, it’s the retarded web interface, I say. Fix it, they say. Oh joy… more time with the retarded web interface.

And now, joy of ALL joys, I don’t even get to ftp graphics up to sites. We have a whole web interface designed just for that, too. So, you can’t just DO one at a time. You have to create everything, and place them in certain directories, which somehow don’t relate at all to the actual URL that points to where the graphics will go, then package the whole mess as a zip file, with a certain name, then use the web interface to upload the whole thing. EXCEPT in the case of blah blah blah where the filenames don’t change, but the whole directory structure does, so you have to redo every damn thing and package it and upload it and wait for the damn little flash graphic that pops up to stop it’s annoying “PROCESSING…” dance and then, maybe, perhaps, if the stars are properly aligned, images will appear where they are supposed to. But probably they won’t.

So, when the whole process barfs these days, what can I do? Not a goddamn thing but keep trying it, ad nauseam. When it gives insane error messages and starts saving things to sites that I’m not currently logged in to? Well, keep trying until it stops giving error messages, then log into all the other sites and begin the process of reuploading their stuff over the wrong stuff, creating a bunch of duplicates because NOBODY WROTE IN A WAY TO DELETE THINGS….

But I am certainly not bitter.


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  1. skjarl has made a Comment

    What about the part when the house smells like a big, steaming pile of dogshit when you walk in? Surely that helped make the day even more brutal. I know having to suppress my gag reflex always puts me in a bad mood.

    March 1, 2005 @ 5:12 pm

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