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I’d say “kill me now” but I think that phrase is overused by me lately…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 1:45 am by flerly.

Just sitting around thinking about all the WORK I have to finish over the weekend. I sure have at least one set of customers REALLY pissed off at me for setting their freebie site as low priority. Came home today to an email and then a MSN message from Marc asking why I haven’t called them back, because he just got a nasty voicemail from them telling him what a slacker I am. I told him the truth.. that I haven’t called them back because I don’t have anything to say to them other than “Don’t get your panties in a wad, it’s a fucking freebie site. I have work to do for paying customers” then I added, don’t worry, she emailed me and I already replied. I could almost see his face grow pale from across the miles… “what did you say to her?” he asked finally… I already told you, I replied. Then added, or rather, I cc’d you, check your mail. I was polite, but assured her that I was not a slacker, and even told her that despite the long hours for the last two weeks, I was already planning to work through this weekend to finish her site, not that she’d appreciate any of that….. well, I said everything but the last part, but a double-writing major is usually pretty good at implying without openly offending.

Anyway… 6-flags. I already whined about this on James’ post but I simply have to say again… man, taking out the Viper blows goats.

Oh well… plans for the weekend…. work, plan the diet meals for the restart of Induction phase with Maggie, watch Dvds and NOT spend money, exercise until I fall over, watch the Herculoids at 4am tomorrow… and sleep … a lot.

Okay.. so much for actual plans… how about… steal a car, rob a casino, then hide out in a seedy New York orgy club for a few days. That sounds like way more fun.

Hit on something tonight in conversation that has made me wonder…. I’ve been so blah lately, miserable without really knowing why, and I’m starting to think it’s my shitty sleep. I keep having nights where I seem to blink then wake up and hours have passed… not remembering any dreams or even feeling like I’ve slept lately. If I didn’t know I’d been working out, I’d even attribute all this soreness to the alien probes that were used on me while I was abducted in my sleep.

Blah… I’m just fucking off because I don’t want to go to bed. Depo today means headache when I go try to sleep… that’s what always happens, so the longer I put it off, the better off I’ll be… right? probalby not. I can already feel it coming on…. *ugh*

blah blah… the recap.. doctor’s visits suck *cursed scales*, diet pepsi blows.. literally, trying to work while engineering group plays “bouncy balls” indoors due to rain sucks, not being able to really say what you mean to customers sucks, Bullshit Bingo king Bill Sutton being fired today in mid-conference ROCKED!!&^(#&%^%^!@!!! Um… my wonderful, craved it & had to make it meatloaf rocked, until poor just-woke-up-James tried to make it breakfast and it took out it’s evil revenge upon him, screaming in little meatloaf-stomach-pangs I AM NOT FROSTED RICE KRISPIES! THOU SHALT NOT MAKE ME BREAKFAST! I SHALL BRING DOWN MY VENGANCE UPON YOU WITH FERVOR AND WRATH.. and stuff…

Ugh.. I think I might be insane. So, if you read in the papers tomorrow that theres a 98 Porsche 911 Carrera S missing from our neighbor’s garage…. and you can’t find me around, just don’t tell the police about the NYC orgy.



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