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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, March 6, 2005 at 11:47 am by flerly.

I do believe today is niece Jessie’s birthday!

I had two addresses to send e-cards to for her, so I sent to both. Still need to find out an address for her at college to send the actual gift, which will of course be late. C’est la vie! We’ve been very bad with birthdays lately.

So.. yesterday JT and I spent “out”, that is after we lay in bed and watched the entire National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation — again. It’s always funny to get to the end, see the big “World Famous Chapel of the Bells” neon sign, which always makes us look at each other in a see? We picked the best place on the strip, dear! Just like in the movie way.

Anywho, “out” meant shopping and a damned fine dinner at Outback…mmmm. I now own Wonderfalls on dvd (you should go buy it, too) as well as Ghost in the Shell. Interesting to me, the extras on Wonderfalls talk about how they got the same guy to score the tv show that did Donnie Darko.


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