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Caffeine Break

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 5:13 pm by flerly.

Have the strange desire to listen to “Here Comes the Rain Again” — will have to hunt down the mp3.

Anywho… hot, delicious, caffeine, my first cup today actually. Brewed it hours ago and… well, forgot about it. Just managed to go back and snag a nice stout cup.

Tuesday is pretty much down, making this day six of my battle to customize one of our preexisting agent templates. Jay warned me it would be easier to just spec out the dev time to build a new one, because these weren’t designed to be “fully” modified and have hardcoded images and colors that I can’t change. Starting to think we should have listened to him. But, the deadline says that I have to have something for the customer to consider by Thursday afternoon. Customized to the extent of my abilities… It’s going to be disappointing. =\

This evening I get to sit in on another “what’s up in product new releases” call, from 5:30 to 6:30ish. I still have Remedy issues forwarded from Jason that haven’t even looked at today, and a recent “Help!!!” email forwarded from a customer to check out. Best finish this beverage and get back to it.

Ooh.. finally got Shaun of the Dead to watch, but tonight is House and Blind Justice, so no time really. Plus, I dunno… I get the feeling JamesT wants to watch Dogville seven or eight more times before we send it back, so who knows when I’ll fit in watching anything else. =)


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