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How do you spell that combination “eww”, that’s gross, nasty, “ick” sound you make?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 10:44 am by flerly.

Okay, so it’s a rare experience, but it happens… and now I have been forced to finally clean this monitor. The experience: sneezing while you are chewing. *UGheewwwwwgggrrrrooozzzzzzzickkkkewwwwww” Bits of Special K with red berries polka dotted the screen…

Last night was the shortest night of sleep ever, or so it seemed. I closed my eyes, then dreamt entirely about going through the paces of my workday, especially with all the stuff on the menu for today. The next thing I know, I hear JT getting ready for work and realize that I hadn’t actually accomplished anything, and had it all to look forward to — again.


Also, I was thinking, pre-sneeze, that I want to go back to that liquor store and ask for directions to someplace, just to see if they card me. The sign does say “We card everyone for everything.” It didn’t say “everything you are buying”…

Hrm… The first interesting work email of the day has arrived:

Subject: poor, pitiful Mary is OFF LINE ….

dear comrades, fellow business constituents, and interested individuals

our Internet Service at our corporate and worldwide headquarters is broke

when will it get fixed? no idea

who do we blame? we are blaming Sam Baines & his FNF wrecking crew

did Sam really break it? no idea, but we are blaming him anyway

why blame Sam? because Mary never wants to take any responsibility for breaking anything — that’s Mary for you!

does Mary know i am writing this? why hell no — i just told you she is off line

as a result of this little fiasco, we will have very few (if any) personnel at our corporate facilities until we get this technical glitch corrected next week…. btw…if any of you tell Mary that i wrote this, i will insure that the Easter bunny doesn’t even come close to your damn house — NO BUNNY!

kindest regards,



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