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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 2:07 am by flerly.

You can’t afford to spend any more time worrying about getting hurt, Scorpio. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to trust someone — so, why not now?

Yeah, yeah. I trust no one. Especially myself.

Whoa… airline prices flip-flopping…
Cancun, Mexico $296.00
Honolulu, HI $1058.60
Las Vegas, NV $190.00

These from my Yahoo “best fares” widget. Vegas dropped a $100 or so, and Honolulu is up by like $300. FrEaKy … some travel season of which I am unawares?

JJ wants to plan a trip to Rhode Island this fall for NecronomiCon 2002. It’s in August near Lovecraft’s birthday.. $100 for the weekend, not including travel and hotel stay…. seems like an expensive little “impulse” trip to me. He says when I asked the price, “Us wealthy folks no longer concern ourselves with the cost of things, we simply do as we wish.”

Oh well… waiting up for Herculoids… the “new” typical Saturday night. Guess I’ll spend the time researching food items for the next two weeks of diet. Or maybe some nice online boyfriend will indulge me in some conversation…


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