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Baby, if you’ve ever wondered… wondered, whatever became of me…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, April 2, 2005 at 11:30 pm by flerly.

And why am I not at the NIN listening party at Future? Oh yeah… because I forgot — see, I forgot again. Comes with old age.

Well, two of teh boyz are out doing their best impression of making $20 disappear, aka, playing poker. I think Mr. Janow is up in his room well on his way to Super Uber Master Level 666 in Dark Age of Camelot, but I haven’t heard a peep for hours. Tonight it’s just me and the cats, with some peace and quiet in a house that’s pretty much all to myself.

Damn fine day to go watch people play golf, this. Never did get seriously warm, and those gusts of winds were kick ass.There was some hella talent… or possibly hella luck out there today dealing with Mother Nature. I think JT and I decided we’re definitely going to the Bellsouth Classic again next year. Surprised me there weren’t 50 jillion coffee vendors out trying to rape folks for a hot beverage, but I guess they just weren’t prepared for the tourney to happen in this kind of weather. Plus, well, you pour enough alcohol down you and you’re not even really cold any more, right? Or better yet, according to the fine folks at the Symantec hospitality booth, free alcohol makes you warmer even faster, right? Always one of our favorite four-letter words that starts with F…. free!

Made it home around 3, and after their assurance that someone would be in Saturday to assist us with the lease changes and renewal, we found there was no one, of the FIVE working, who could actually use the computer to print the forms. Hell, when I stopped by there with our Renter’s Release that Jim signed, I couldn’t really find anyone who even spoke English. Not that speaking it was really the problem… reading it, as in reading one of their own damn forms was a challenge no one was up to, and I was deferred to come back in Monday when their star employee (the girl with her G.E.D.) is working.

So, after deciding not to take Skittles up on her party invite, and forgetting about the secretroom NIN party, I ended up spending some quality time enjoying my new anime purchase of … oh take a fucking guess… Cromartie High School. This show kicks ass. It’s stupid as hell, and it’s got a robot, a gorilla, and Freddy Mercury as characters. The Queen references on the episodes I caught on TV were killing me, and today when I picked up the Volume I DVD: Cromartian Rhapsody, the cover was too much. If I weren’t legally married already, I’d marry this show.

Wait.. that’s a line I use too much. I mean, just earlier today I wanted to marry a particularly fine cup of Brunswick stew. Damn, I really need a new one. I got it… This cover really whips the llama’s ass… nobody’s heard that one before.

DAMNATION you won’t believe THIS! (Time to change the subject line!) I just got the coolest surprise text message via LJ from Jake Langston! W00t, we were just musing on that old Chattavegas crew not too long ago. Looks like he’s signed up for an LJ as , which links to a Blogspot journal. I can only hope you’re reading, man, as your Blogspot journal won’t allow non-user comments, so I couldn’t just post to say howdy! (Oh, and if you’re going to use Blogspot, turn on that “Publish site feed” feature so a lazy LJ-addict can keep up via RSS!) THAT is a metallic dream of a vehicle you pictured there, and lucky you, that munchkin seems to favor your pretty wife! Congrats on both back at you! It was great to hear from you, even though that text message feature only actually passes on so many chars of a message…. If it had only been a couple weeks earlier you might have snagged the business of the two new guitars that just joined this household. I think the hubby is still amp shopping, so we may have to stop by the Parkway store and visit!

This has to be some kind of karma… last night I post about checking up on some high-school folks via Classmates.com and running across evidence of a beloved teacher. Well, what I failed to mention was that the only person from our class who actually has a paid membership, with complete bio, photos, you-name-it, on Classmates happened to be the high-school sweetie, Chris Leon. I’m sure my mom will be happy to find out he’s married with three kids, still living in Nashville, and not doing anything with his Chemistry degree. Looks like he’s running some kind of web-based financial business and working from home. And… it was complete with family Christmas photo, which I know mom would kill to peek at, if for no other reason than to see how the battle of the hairline’s been going.

JEEZ that’s enough babble. Let a girl sit uninterrupted at a pc long enough… Off to find a home for my new PGA teddy bear (you laugh, I hurt you) and try to finish Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, which very nearly caused me to pick up The Wizard of Oz on DVD today.



  1. humbucker427 has made a Comment

    Cool. I didn’t know if that text message thing worked. Long time no see. And thanks for the compliment about Amelia looking like my wife. I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank goodness she doesn’t look like me! Ok… I made the changes to my blogspot profile. Tell Janow I said hi, and hopefully no hard feelings (it’s been about a decade, no?). I actually miss the Diablo days. Wow, time flies.

    Since I got the new car, why don’t you buy my Harley? It’s a Sea-Foam Green and Cream Fatboy with mucho chrome. I read you liked bikes. 🙂

    Drop by the store for real. I’ll certainly hook you guys up.

    April 3, 2005 @ 1:41 am

  2. skjarl has made a Comment

    Yes, I was still angry at you until a minute ago. Then I realized that 10 years is enough and it’s time to let it go. I hope life is treating you well.

    April 3, 2005 @ 10:28 am

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