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They must have a screw loose…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 4, 2005 at 2:13 pm by flerly.

So, why is it that some channels which have picked-up airing reruns of a show that was clearly shot with obvious commercial breaks in mind, might choose to ignore those breaks, allowing the screen to darken, then come up on another scene, then allow some character to get in the middle of a sentence, then cut to commercial? Very annoying…grrr.

Anywho, JT and I both decided we could use a weekend to recoup from this weekend. Up too early and out into the cold Saturday, then up too late (nearly 5 with the time change) even when we had to be up early again on Sunday for our trip to Chattanooga for the birthday get together for JT’s dad. Then up late working on their computer. Didn’t really realize how tired I was until I had to focus on the road to drive home. That Christopher Moore audiobook helped, of course, it’s 6 hours total, and I’ll have long forgotten the first cd by our next road trip.

Just got a BizRate survey, asking me to rate my last Ticketmaster purchase. Here’s the 3rd question: If you weren’t charged any convenience charges, how would you rate your overall experience at Ticketmaster’s site? IF I wasn’t charged convenience charges? You mean I have a choice? Some people don’t get the bonus anal-rape with their purchase? OR do you mean, if you don’t consider the anal-rape charge, how would you rate the rest of your experience. Either way… WTF? What a stupid question! If you want to rate my purchase experience, ask me about it. Don’t ask me to hypothesize on how my experience might have been in some alternate universe where all the Ticketmaster employees don’t sport little evil goatees and the price printed on the ticket was the actual price they charge.


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