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useless like socks on a rooster

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 7, 2005 at 3:13 pm by flerly.

Hey, wow, a call to the office results in a promise to have our paperwork typed up today for us to sign. When’s your lease up? — end of May — Oh, well, I guess they didn’t think it needed to be done in a hurry. — Gosh, that explains why you guys put that notice on our door saying we had three days to renew or else the rent would go up $250 a month, eh?

I am working on my limit of tolerance for useless people… and useless cats. I apologize for yanking your stuff out of the dryer today, , but after I woke up to find Samuel had left a present for us in the closet, I felt the need to wash a few items in a hurry. Bastard cat decides he wants out at 4 in the morning, and we don’t oblige… does he resort to using the litter box? No, no… laundry pile, much better choice, and sure to result in nicer treatment next time. That’s cat logic for you. He shat right on the pile Motley likes to keep pulled off the hangers to sleep on, which probably explains why Motley and Kitty were crawling all over us this morning, too, instead of sleeping in their pile.

Thus, today I asked if he would consider finding another home for Samuel while he’s in Iraq. I’ll keep Sam, but he is going to learn to use that litter box if he can’t get outside, if I have to lock him in a room with food, water, and a litter box until he gets the point. Because his habit of knocking shit off until he wakes you up to let him out isn’t going to fly, and to shit in the laundry of the chick who feeds you… well, that’s just too much.

Caught a download of BBC’s new Dr. Who 2005, and it was okay. Preview looks interesting for next Saturday’s. I hadn’t heard who finally got the part since the rumors were flying around that Giles might get it. Sort of glad he didn’t… can’t picture him as that character.

Anywho, it seems that I forgot about the auto show this weekend. Somchanh is planning to drive up for a visit, and I think he and wanted to go early in the day… Which, might mean “after lunch” and thus after the scheduled-girly-shopping Saturday — if not, they can go without me. I think James is planning to see if they can make it a Sunday event instead, or well, I guess it runs through next Sunday if this weekend doesn’t work out.


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