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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 12:31 pm by flerly.

Have I been able to find the torrent for last night’s House yet? No. Did I find one for the Cardio Coach cd’s? Yes. Oh well. Now and I just need some cheap, portable non-skip cd players for jogging… or better yet, some mp3 players. Or.. better yet we just go without again tonight.

Well, seeing Moby last night at the Tabernacle was an experience. bradthemad already wrote about it well enough, but for my two cents I have to add that it was the first show I’ve been to there that didn’t require us to line up around the block, and for which it was so not-crowded that we actually got lower balcony seats on the railing. I was telling James I didn’t think it was the kind of show that you’d have at the Tabernacle… more like Eleven..er..um.. that place we don’t mention, mostly because sitting through that stuff was kinda weird to me. He reminded me, however, how we didn’t have to drain the saving account in order to buy a drink at the Tabernacle, so we should be thankful. Well, it might have at least been a show to be on the floor for… but anywho. Tonight, Paul Van Dyk at that place we don’t mention for $30 a pop. Egad.

Today I am enjoying the wonder of our newest ticketing system, Gemini. For the time being, it appears that the workflow goes like this: tickets go into remedy, then an emailed notice goes to somebody, who copies the issue into Gemini, which I can then discover what has been assigned to me when I log in to check it, however often I want to do that. I’m actually working on an order to revise our copy of Gemini’s graphics today because they are green and that offends somebody there I guess. Wonder where I can get my hands on that old Blue Man Group icon that used to be on our custom Remedy screen… that’d just be funny.

The bigger goal today, however, is to track down the interesting smell permeating our house, and hopefully in the process redistribute some of the mysterious piles of things that have accumulated on and around my desk.


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