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Lunchtime is the right time…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 18, 2005 at 12:49 pm by flerly.

break time… ugh. Well, I am happy to report I can walk fairly well without pain, after tried once again to kill me Saturday morning at the track — thankfully she’s gone for a week, so my legs get to rest. Tried to play some Tennis through the pain yesterday, too, which was really fun and we must do more often. It took a hot-as-it-could-go soak in the tub to finally stop the pins of pain last night well enough for me to sleep. All I have to say is that I am feeling old and out of shape. Ouch.

Friday’s trip to MF Sushi was fun, if pricey. Their apologetic free-appetizers kicked butt, and I should have written down that second wine I tried, as it was nummy (and potent). ‘s haircut is the bestest-evah, and that was pretty fun, too. Glad to hook up with as well for a little Clermont and a little Django: Gypsy Kitchen & Saloon. After a brief, tipsy walk down to Insurrection, we parted ways where I came home to nearly fall asleep standing-up in the shower — did I mention the good wine? So, in the hungover, feeling like crap state, I got up to meet Kit to jog and bring on the pain.

Another suprisingly fun event of the weekend was a sushi repeat performance, this time at Ru San’s with the girls. Hadn’t seen in a while! I’d forgotten how crazy that Ru San’s can be, with their shouting and beer and saki contests, but it was a fun suprise when they rewarded Kit’s little dance demonstration in the aisle with a glass of hot saki and a high five. After that, we were very popular and tried to take the hoots and hollers as we left graciously. Fun fun.

Sometime in the weekend we fit in watching Sideways and What the bleep do we know, got my harddrive installed in my PC, and managed to do a (very) little cleaning up around here. Oh, and I finally made that appointment to see Dale about a massage — I am such a slacker, but at least I’ve arranged to get worked on, too. I know he’s been dying to call her, but has been telling himself I had to go first. Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry.

*sigh* Okay… time to think about something quick for lunch. I have a new pile to finish off for work today, that I’ve already put off for a shot and some morning errands. Best get to it now…


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