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digging my way out…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 3:53 pm by flerly.

Breather break. I’ve seen a bit of sky, and now know I’m heading in the right direction. From having not much to do, I’ve become suddenly buried in a variety of new and interesting tasks, each of which I want to research and exercise some real creativity on, however, they were proving difficult to work on simultaneously. After a slow end of last week without getting much accomplished, I decided to start yesterday with a plan to make lists and get organized with a plan of attack. Today, that only left the task of starting down the list… which is where I am.

To add to the creative problems of work bouncing around in my head, I can’t stop dwelling on a little home redo sometime next month to coincide with the roomie-swap. Already, we’re committed to getting rid of our crappy couch and recliner, which has served as Mr. TheMad’s bedroom furniture for several months now. JT and I have drooled over new home theater stuff, which it looks like we will be starting, but I’m more excited (cuz I’m girly) by the new couch and chair we’re picking up. How I’d love to trash that other crappy assortment of shelves down there and replace them with some nicer media cabinets at this time… maybe a rug… curtains? How crazy can I get? This is what I can’t stop thinking about…

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that Kitty still manages to sleep perfectly well on top of my monitor even with the dueling Anakin and Obi-Wan figures up there. She is, in fact, quite fond of rubbing her gums on them before falling asleep.


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