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Rock Concert Movement Number One

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 4, 2005 at 1:53 pm by flerly.

Audioslave was fun fun fun, even if today I am hoarse from singing and shouting and can’t really look to the right from a couple hours of head-bobbing. After an early dinner at The Spaghetti Factory, and I got there early enough for free street parking and seats on the lower balcony. Couldn’t tell you who the opening act was, since their singer’s mike was set horribly (or else he’s a chronic mumbler) — couldn’t hear a damn thing he did, and the only interesting thing he did was right at the end to hit a pedal to make his guitar sound like a keyboard for a bit. They had a hell of a drummer, though, which made them tolerable to sit through.

Promptly at nine, Mary Morello came onstage to announce the “best fucking band in the universe” and Audioslave took stage (go figure). They did a couple off the as yet unreleased cd, the best of the last cd, several Soundgarden songs (including some acoustic Chris solo), but it was hands down their old RATM songs that had the sold-out crowd doing their best Rock Concert Movement Number Three, fit to bring the balconies down. It certainly seemed to me that the majority of the crowd fanbase came from old RATM fans, but I was more than happy to hear the Soundgarden stuff.

Unfortunately for us Chris never took his shirt off, and thus I may have a harder time getting Stacy to go with me next time. Luckily, though, there were plenty of cute security guards around for her to eyeball. =) Oh yeah, and we just heard Submersed for the first time over the weekend, and ended up sitting near a guy with a Submersed concert T-shirt. Didn’t see any girls wearing the Audioslave T-shirt from the last tour, so I should have worn mine. Oh well… Rather than deal with cash and lines last night, I just ordered my T-shirt off their website this morning. They had all the same stuff.

Then, best of all, came home to a spankin new copy of the new NIN dual disk… Okay then… must get some work done here.


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