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Our three moms….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 9, 2005 at 11:58 am by flerly.

Left in the midst of craptastic traffic Friday afternoon, but made it to my mom’s in decent time. JT’s calendar at work screwed us into having to rush back Sunday, but we made it home, with 2 stops to visit 2 other mom’s, by midnight-oh-five.

In Bristol, we did a little shopping, a little eating out, and a bit of cleaning, trashing, and painting, which seems to be the trend with my visits up there. Mom will go on about how I have the energy to do things there, and then about how I wore her out, and then about how much she appreciates it.

Somewhere in there JT managed to finally purchase his target pistol, so now we have our first handgun in the house. It has a 9 inch barrel, which makes for some freaky cartoonish moments if you mime trying to draw it out of a holster — that barrel seems to go on forever.

Still haven’t seen HG2G, but maybe this week. Mr. Jim is supposed to have a Uhaul to move his stuff next weekend, and from the sound of Mr. Ben’s post, they may be too busy to do the furniture swap this week anyway. We are at the mercy of their time and truck.

JT’s second new toy, the new DVD player seems to have arrived while we were gone. (I can’t read a label in the dark, apparently. It’s not here yet.) Now we just have to hit the circuit city and buy the media rack to put them on. Well, and get some measurements on Ms. Maggie’s couches to see how to arrange the area when we set up the rack. *nudge nudge* Reminder. =)

Right now, I feel like sugar-frosted crap, trying to transfer things I did Friday night on the lappy over to the proper people & places at work. There is a new pile of Gemini issues, and one email notice of a remedy issue that seems to be for me — even though it was forwarded to someone else, and i was only one of six people cc’d on it, and it didn’t say a thing about me, or what the issue really was… but go figure, a week later it comes only to me asking what the hold up is. Gosh, the hold up is I thought it was more crap and not addressed to me, but I’ll take care of it.

The newer news about Stacy’s job is teh suck — enjoy Cancun, you need the break. No news from Kit — well, because i havent called her — about Saturday’s race or Saturday night’s party, which we missed.

And I guess that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


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