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Somehow I missed this…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 11:50 pm by flerly.

Just yesterday JT was staying home sick from work, where he decided to eat his chicken noodle soup in front of the TV…. watching Star Wars. I was jealous, considering I had some work shit to do, but I managed to make it downstairs for some of the final space battle and the death star run.

However, something in me cringed at the sounds of engines and lasers in space, and then I remembered what it was…

Recently I’d read that for the motion picture Serenity, that Joss Whedon had given in and would be allowing sound effects for the ships engines and whatnot as heard from space. On Firefly he had religiously stuck to the “no hokey effects” rule, and honestly it was one of the things I thought made the space scenes in the show so haunting.

Anywho… today JT and I finally get to the theater to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which was entertaining once I accepted the idea that it wasn’t meant to be the books line by line, but rather an homage that seemed to take the key points of the books as a given and try to entertain old and new fans alike with some fresh absurdities. All I know is I loved Douglas Adams, and his personality is all over that screenplay. Thus, it was stupid, and I enjoyed it.

And… since we were at the theater, I went ahead and let the ticket machine print out my pre-ordered Episode III tickets for the midnight show. Then I come home to find this:

All too fitting.


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