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We love our cats…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 27, 2005 at 5:21 pm by flerly.

…but everywhere I go today I am smelling cat pee. If you saw me today, Febreze in hand, walking around sniffing like a bloodhound trying to track down the odors, you’d laugh your butt off. I think the only real problem is the futon, which apparently still smells too much like Maggie’s dog for the cats to tolerate, and thus someone keeps pissing on it. I guess I should add “New Futon Pad” to my list of things to buy, especially before my “New Futon Cover” gets here.

Is it 5 o’clock yet? Why yes, yes it is. Many things that had to be done are done, thankfully. Now I am left only with the pile deemed “sometime before Monday”, which I think I shall now put off and walk away from. JT is off early and at the shooting range. Bradley seems to be practicing guitar. I think it might be time for a drink, to put my feet up, and to throw in the Lemony Snicket dvd that came today.


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