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So tonight..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:06 am by flerly.

After waiting at the house for 30 minutes past our appointment time for the insurance people to show up, we decide to make margaritas (plus grab a bottle of vodka) and head to the pool to lounge. Walking out the door with drinks in our hands, of course, prompted them to finally show. Fast forward 2 hours and we’re back, drinks in hand, heading to the pool.

All I really wanted to post was a thought on how cool it was for the three of us to lounge by the pool in the evening with Sam all curled up hanging out with us. It just made me wonder if Sam lay there because it was us or if he’d hang out with whomever was lounging by the pool after dark.

Note to selves: Buy an ice bucket for future late night vodka chilling needs.

And from downstairs I get the message: [00:02] Chemguru: I’m fucking drunk

And from upstairs I can hear Bradley giving a “Yippee! *cackle cackle* You losers!” — we had to be back in by midnight for his last minute bid on some e-bay auction. Dare we say he won?

Tomorrow: Dinner downtown with the girls. Yippee!

Now: Motley vs. Moth, front row seats still available in the futon area.


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