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the parting of the ways…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, June 20, 2005 at 11:38 am by flerly.

Goodbye, Christopher Eccleston. Hello, David Tennant. Pity… I really liked Eccleston’s quirky Dr. Who. Now I have to wait until Christmas, knowing he won’t be back, to see how the new Who works out. Nice job with the season finale, BBC. Plenty of time to rerun this all on BBC America before the next season starts.

This weekend was a whirlwind, best described by my matyrish nature as another unappreciated weekend of smoozing JT’s fam. Generally in social situations, I’m the quiet one, but up there, I’m the smiling, talking one, who chit-chats, takes interest, and generally tries to power through awkward silences just to keep everyone feeling comfortable. Up early, up late, always accommodating, able to at least feign enthusiasm through boredom, sickness, or health. In short, mission accomplished. Two fathers, two grandfather’s, and one newly half-century old mother who doesn’t look a day over 49 — or so went the running gag.

Meanwhile, I’m frustrated out of my mind, despite finding out our “love languages” — an exercise in improving your relationship led by the most dysfunctional couple we know. Packed a pile of work to take with me for the weekend, which I thought tons about but never actually opened. The reason? Well, it’s just not shit that I can do “on the road” without an internet connection or without a couple hours of peace, which doesn’t come easy when you’re staying in someone else’s house. Got home early enough last night to open everything and try to figure it out again, but it was just so overwhelming all I wanted to do was go lay down, try to catch up on lost sleep, and prepare for today, the day the puzzle pieces had to come together or else. But, in typical fashion, as soon as the TV is off, I’m wide awake, which begins the cycle of being pissed off, which only gets my blood pressure up, which only makes it harder to sleep. Perhaps I need a good pre-bedtime porn habit instead of just foolishly thinking being tired is reason enough to go to sleep.


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  1. anonymous has made a Comment

    “Perhaps I need a good pre-bedtime porn habit instead of just foolishly thinking being tired is reason enough to go to sleep.”

    Stop peeking into my room at night!!! (Porn doesn’t work anyway. Try booze.)

    Much love,

    June 20, 2005 @ 6:21 pm

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