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The long, dark boredom of the soul….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, June 27, 2005 at 1:11 pm by flerly.

Had a surprisingly good Friday evening (which you’re all invited back to do more of any old time*), and then an amazingly good Saturday — slept late, brunched, watched Imagine: John Lennon, “dressed up” for ASO doing Final Fantasy Symphony (where it was a small world full of geeks**), then had a nice, early evening dinner on the patio at the Olive Garden with the perfect wine/entree/dessert and company.

Should have known two good days would void any possibility of excitement on Sunday. The overdue forecasted rain came so we curled up on the couch downstairs and allowed ourselves to get sucked into the television… Wimbledon highlights, the “hot & sexy” world of women’s golf, nature shows about visious little ant-bastards of the world, and finally Fletch and Fletch Lives before we had to break for sustenance. Afterwards, how appropriate to get a new Family Guy with a Chevy Chase reference.

I was aimin’ to fix that today. How do you do? I be Calculus Entterby. You be Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher?

I be Fletch…Geometry Fletch. She be… Miss Trigonometry Ross.

Finally, we managed to tear ourselves away from the couch and tv — to relocate to desk chairs at the computer to marathon a few episodes of House before passing out, exhausted from a full day’s worth of sitting.

Today… so far I’ve done a great job of ignoring work. I think when I quit getting messages asking me how things are going, I might think about starting on some. I really do have a pile to deal with today. Also today JT gets to play good friend by taking off work early to pick up a co-worker/friend after his surgery, then take him home. How lonely it must be to have no family in town to do those sort of things for you.

*just give us fair warning so we can restock snacks and alcohol, and by all means we are willing to offer up our abode for future nights of “staying in” drinking. Perhaps next time it won’t end up with just me and magoo deciding it’s a great idea to go swimming at 1:30am, and each taking two glasses of alcohol with us to finish in the water.

**i guess it should have been expected that the Final Fantasy Symphony crowd might not be the usual ASO crowd, and instead be full of younger, geekier, perhaps Cos-Play decked-out fans. Ran into old co-worker Teefy before the show, and I swear after intermission I spotted Augie/Doug a few rows in front of us. Also, how refined did I feel to be at the symphony, evesdropping on how cute the girls next to me thought the long-haired, Hurley T-Shirt wearing guy sitting next to them was. Damn, boy, you sure are fine. And in front of us, the Metrosexual gang were there making an appearance. Their clothes, shoes, haircuts, and expertly-poised-on-their-head sunglasses were a vision to behold, but they all seemed bored as hell with the show.


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