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Well now…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, July 3, 2005 at 3:18 pm by flerly.

Curse you mother nature…. so much for wooing people over with the promise of a pool on a hot summer night.

Okay… Chili is still on. I haven’t heard from any vegetarian folks whether they’re coming, but I’ve got the stuff for a meat-free/extra-veggie batch already bought. It needs about an hour, so if you were planning on coming and want vegetarian, yell at me by like.. 6:30 (or reply here) and I’ll be sure to put on the 2nd pot.

Otherwise, big pot-o-chili, much wine, much vodka, many makings of chocolate martinis, some cokes, a bit of Bodingers and a bit more of Guinness will all be ready by 8pm. We’re light on the other munchables, because there will be a ton of chili, but there will be some.

I guess we’ll just see what the weather is doing tonight to figure out what we’ll be doing later. TV, movies, trivial pursuit, poker, beverages in the house or beverages by the pool. Nightswimming might be a no-go, just because we anticipate the water will be pretty cold after today’s rain, but by all means, come prepared to go in if you wish!

Directions and phone numbers were amended to my original post!


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