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Brief recap

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 11, 2005 at 1:24 pm by flerly.

Well, Friday made for two years of being Mrs. Thornton and even though its actually ages longer that we’ve been together, it’s still hard to believe sometimes how lucky I got. Things may not have worked out for the most extravagant celebration we ever had, but like I told him, I think I’m just thankful everyday that he’s still around, that I haven’t driven him off by being insane or something. Since he had the day off Friday for a long weekend, and his birthday is (tomorrow) on a weekday, I figured I’d just go for it and give him his birthday presents to enjoy, too. Thus, we spent a very lazy weekend, playing tennis, eating out, playing Playstation (and PSP!), and watching Batman: The Animated Series. Not too bad, considering there was a Baskin Robbins banana split in there somewhere. =)

Anywho, one more week to get through to payday, then one last weekend to prepare for my San Diego trip. JT’s dad may drive down to spend the night with us Friday, probably to get a chance to visit the Bass Pro Shop and perhaps see JT for his birthday. Bass Pro sounds like a “boys day” out, though maybe I’ll tag along just to hit the big Ross that’s in Discovery Mills.

Oh yeah, and how does a tennis racquet know when you’re cheating on it? No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke. JT and I were perusing The Sports Authority’s sale this weekend where I was considering the purchase of a new racquet, better suited to my (lack of) style of play. Sunday “morning” we get up to play and I find a crack in my existing racquet. It’s not broken completely, but clearly it’s losing the will to live, and I immediately thought I caused it to give up by checking out other racquets. Oh, the guilt! At least, with the forecasted rain this week, I won’t really have to worry if it will last me through payday.

PS: Kit, “twinkle toes” and I thank you for your cards. =)

Addendum: I just remembered one of the, looking back, now funniest things I heard all weekend. When you let things build up and get to you, innocent coffee cups can lose their lives.


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