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Live from Iraq

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 10:34 am by flerly.

Got word back from :

I am able to check [email] from time to time, but it is costing me money to do so. Don’t expect rapid replies for a while yet. I’m trying to get acclimated, but as I said in my LJ posts, the heat is absolutely brutal. Don’t think it has been under 100 degrees since I got here (and that was at night). It is like walking into an oven every time I go outside. The air in the barracks is crappy, too, so I have to sleep in 90 degree temps. Overall, the last 2 weeks have been lessons in misery.

I haven’t actually had to do any real work yet, just stand in lines and fill out paperwork. Hurry up and wait is the motto for the military apparently. I’ll be more accessible in a few days once I finally get deployed to my site

Feebly, I sent him back word I’d keep on top of his usual tv stuff for a while and wished him an early Happy Birthday for Saturday.

For myself, today, I shall spend it finishing tickets, doing a last load of laundry, and finally packing.

And because it was funny, a link to ‘s LOTR:Fellowship summary for people with ADD. The line by Saruman: “See, all I had to do was cross out “Good” on my business cards and write “Bad,” and I’m all set” had me laughing out loud.


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