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because I have the time…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 25, 2005 at 7:43 am by flerly.

Looks like nephew D has let his motorcycle sit too long, as it would not start this morning for him. Thus here I sit, listening for Ivy to wake up and waiting for sis to get back from dropping off niece at work, so we can keep the jeep. Since I had the time, I figured I’d record a few tidbits about the trip.

1) Lane splitting on the freeway is freaking me out. D was talking about people he knew who smacked themselves on car mirrors as they tried to pass, which seemed a very obvious concern when, after several sport bikes passed us, we saw the guy on the chopper with his ape-hangers. He looked WAY too wide to go between the traffic. Me, I’m just wondering why they don’t hear on the news every day here that another biker has been flattened by the crazy, barely signaling, always merging traffic.

2) My niece pointed out that California drivers in an ending lane, who are supposed to merge with traffic, just do it. It is generally the attitude that it is the responsibility of whomever is in the resulting lane to “make a hole” for the mergers, because usually… the merging traffic doesn’t even look. Verily, I say it is true and more than a little freaky to behold.

3) There are signs on the highway by the border depicting a family running (man, woman, and child being dragged behind). No text, just the image, but the “beware of people running across the highway by the border” message is pretty clear. We haven’t seen any, though on the trip to Tijuana Dennis, Angela, & Ivy attempted to recreate the pose for a picture.

4)Right now it is 68 degrees, with a SW 3mph wind. Today’s high will be 73, with an expected WSW 10mph wind. Blue skies. Absofuckinglutely gorgeous… clearly, I must live someplace with this ocean-breeze.

5) Yesterday afternoon we parked by the border and walked into Tijuana to find a good taco stand. We walk because it is apparently “risky” to take your vehicle into the country, thus Mexican insurance drive-thrus are all over, so that for $5 your car is covered there. “Risky?” I asked and was told: they don’t exactly have distinct lanes on their roads. Anywho, walking was nice, with every spare inch of space near the US border packed with booths of wares. In the end, though, five people, 24 tacos, roasted onions, 4 margaritas (which come with a shot of tequila extra), a beer, and two uber-cokes for $18. A huge bagful of souvenirs I won’t disclose, $20 after haggle. A stop at the Mexican Starbucks equivalent for three coffees for the way back, $20. Some things don’t change due to borders.

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  1. scienceiscool has made a Comment

    meanwhile back home…temperature today is supposed to reach 100. it was a “don’t leave your air conditioning” weekend.

    July 25, 2005 @ 12:37 pm

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