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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, August 8, 2005 at 12:49 pm by flerly.

You can let time pass, but still, when you get your butt down to one of those free summer concerts downtown, the tradition is the same: the population of the city is all there, packed in like sardines, yet the drunk and obnoxious will still try to elbow their way through the crowd to get closer to the stage. Oh, and it will rain. Tradition.

The cousins hit town specifically for this Seether & Chevelle show, though they’d never been to a “free” concert before. I don’t think it was what they expected at all. We spent the pre-show day at Lenox Mall, where the people watching is of a higher calibur according to JamesT. It was my idea, though, since there’s a California Pizza Kitchen there. After the show we hit The Cheesecake Factory, making it two-for-two in taking the cousins to new restaurants. Sunday, Applebees brunch, then we headed to Mall of Georgia, through the downpour, for some more shopping and then a showing of The Dukes of Hazard. I hadn’t really heard too much about it, other than random Daily Show references, so I really didn’t expect the Broken Lizard guys to be in it pulling off all the Super Trooper gags. If only we’d gotten a “meow” out of it…. *sigh*. Overall, it was stupid and entertaining, about like we figured. Hell, we’d have loved it for the driving stuff alone, which were nicely done. The end credit bloopers really makes you wonder how many cars they went through.

Gah… what is with this day. Talked to JamesT and he says he can’t get motivated to really work on anything today either. I think I snoozed my alarm this morning until the battery wanted to die. When I saw Mr. TheMad’s car and a half pot of coffee waiting downstairs, I figured Brad had caught the same laziness contagion we had, but then the doorbell rang with his latest e-bay arrival, so I guess he was just motivated to stay home for that. At least that’s motivation. After a month of slacking, I finally got called out on my timeshit… er sheets. If I’m being paid a pre-set contract amount monthly, and I have to do a weekly report to Jonathan about what I’m working on for the week, why then do I also have to do a timesheet at the end of the week of what I actually worked on, which doesn’t even go to accounting? Well, the short answer is ‘because they say so.’ There is no long answer.

Meh… I just got a ticket resolution notice from the developers and their explanation doesn’t seem to be in any form of English I ever learned. I should go figure this out.

PS: If you don’t already read you should. Chuckle.


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