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Project “Lampoon” … er… “Harpoon” launched, sir.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 3:16 pm by flerly.

My work line was ringing this morning with JT barely out the door. I was greeted with the fabulous news that edits to the lampoon stuff were needed within an hour, rather than by tonight, as I had been told. Thus, I was up and editing and taking screenshots for powerpoint presentations and generally being grumbly about the whole situation first thing today — a scenario I prefer to save until after I’ve had some caffeine. Of course, it’s all okay now, because Lloyd says it’s “perfect” and that he “luvs” me.

So, for lunch today I made the grocery store run that was meant to happen yesterday evening, but was delayed due to torrential downpour. It was during this outing that I noticed the repairmen are back and working on one of our entrance gates again. At first I thought that the management is probably kicking themselves for all the money spent on putting in the whole new system and assuming that would solve the problems that the old one had been plagued with. As I sat at the exit gate, watching the green light turn amber as the gate slowly opened for me, I happened to notice that rather than working on the opening mechanism as usual, the workmen were actually struggling to straighten several bars, which had been bent cartoon-style into a wide enough opening for someone to squeeze through. That’s when I noticed that the bars on the gate in front of me were also a bit bent, though nowhere near to the extent of the ones being serviced.

I have to say I’m curious why the bars were bent wide at the car entrance, when a person wanting in could have walked up the pedestrian gate … and bent those bars if need be. Seems like someone would have noticed a person standing in the middle of the street with a crowbar. Perhaps we have a local strong man, who, terrified by the lightning and thunder here yesterday, decided he just couldn’t take it, ran for the front gate, and tore the bars open with his bare hands so he could escape… probably only to run out onto the interstate and cause a 15 car pileup. Surely the power flashes and whopping four minute outage couldn’t have caused the front gates to not be working at 5pm when people were trying to get in, and surely desperate commuters wouldn’t have just attacked the gates with a crowbar… you think?

Oh well. Greeted after lunch with happy-fun phone calls of people wondering if I can go in and fix something they broke that they’re not sure how they broke… but it’s all good now. This sparked a long conversation with JasonC in Hawaii about the extent of things people are able to mess with and then act surprised when things screw up. He advised that I just hang up anytime a phone call starts with, “Hi, I was editing in the HTML viewer of the admin tool, and not knowing anything about HTML, I can’t figure out what I did wrong.” I told him I might not hang up, but I would at least leave it off mute and let them hear me laugh for a few minutes before kicking in with the sympathy and concern they expect.


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