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wot a 1337 phorum LJ iz..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 18, 2002 at 11:11 am by flerly.

Ugh.. work is sucky. I am neck deep involved, as a lacky, mostly, in a big redesign project for a big product we are working on. It was pseudo-done, then they test released it, now they are designing a whole new, user friendly, coddle-the-idiot-agent, sort of front-end to it. My part so far has consisted of taking marked up printout of other sites and trying to turn them into something original for us. It has been hectic, because this is a big money project for our largest customer, so whenever they walk over to me with a revision, I have to drop everything and do it ASAP. This morning I find out I was also designated as the person to write out the word document detailing HOW all the features worked, how they should be administrated, and what is viewable to what user, based on login. So, thinking “I’m just the graphics person” but saying “sure”, I did it. They liked it.

Problem is, now it seems I’m going to be charged with turning these flat design concept images into splices and html, finding scripts to make the various sections work, etc. That is the “word” in the air. Now, that’s not TOO terrible, not really uncommon for my job, except for the fact that we are just consulting on this for another engineering team who is supposed to be creating it. Now, this last part sure sounds to ME like I am creating it, not them. And with all the other crap already around for me to do, I really don’t think me doing that much extra work on it JUST so their engineers get a thorough idea of what they are supposed to design is at all worth it.

Babble… this is me commenting on the literal mindedness of engineers. So far I’ve learned, you can’t just say make this thing to do this, they don’t have the creativity to do that. They just say “Sure thing!” and then sit there for months doing nothing. It seems you actually have to say make this thing, it will look like THIS (picture) and it will function like this (description). And in this case, it seems you actually have to build your own for the engineers to copy. THAT is just bull.

Oh well.. on to other projects while I can. I’m sure one of these guys will hand me more revisions or officially give the word for me to make this thing soon. Although.. I feel the continued urge to babble on… Babylon?


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