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a dreary Monday here…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, August 29, 2005 at 2:25 pm by flerly.

WHY has no one invented one of these for cats? I swear, IF Samuel ever comes back, he may go on permanent house lockdown with no outside privileges. I don’t care if he’s wandering or if he has another family, it’s been about 36-hours now since he was last seen and my heart just can’t take it.

Today has been as slow as I predicted. I’ve had one ticket assigned so far, and it turned out to be a hysterical revelation on the shortcomings of our “new” product. I spent about 45 minutes frustratingly perusing documentation, then had to reassign the ticket with the message:

Apparently, it is not possible to edit meta content on our new sites. We have no access to the head area through any of the admin controls, including the “employees only” site setup area. I realize it’s been, oh, two years that we’ve been cranking out these sites on this platform, so yes, I too find it funny that it took this long for a customer to finally inquire about editing their description or keywords. Funnier still, why didn’t anybody here notice it?

So… until I get another ticket, I will probably spend the day putting away laundry and possibly reading some more of this very odd Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell paperback, which has been giving me the weirdest dreams.

In other news, a big scary letter from the IRS demanding we pay back taxes from 2003 has led to our discovery of an unclaimed 401K payout. Apparently, paperwork on JT’s old 401K from when he was a consultant didn’t pan out, and the company decided to just cut him a check… which was sent to our old address and never forwarded. It pretty much sucks to have a deadline looming to pay taxes on money you don’t actually have, but since we’re already doing that JT is having them cut a new check with the correct address. If it can’t be retirement money, it might as well go in the house fund. Just wish it were here in time to pay the tax bill.

Oh yeah… and I just finished How to Be Good, by the guy who wrote High Fidelity, which I was reminded of when I perused Jim’s recently post journal from Japan. Have to say, that book was a page turner, because I kept wanting them to get to some resolution, but it really left me feeling hollow in the end. It was just somehow depressing to read a story that did too good a job of comparing being charitable with being insane.

Speaking of Jim, your care package is in the mail as of Saturday. Customs forms are fun… not! I’m still freaked out that there is a box on the form asking what you would like done with the package if it is undeliverable. Options are “Return to Sender” or “Consider Abandoned.” Um… kay. I took all the trouble to get this package together for international shipping, but if you can’t make out the address… just throw it away, kay? No big deal.

And well… this needed to be passed on: For your amusement, in case you havent heard. Let me just say.. jeeeeez.


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