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Looking toward the weekend..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 1, 2005 at 2:13 pm by flerly.

I’ve been so shut down, just from everything, and it’s passed time to get working again. Things can pile up quickly, so there’s really no time to shut down. Thankfully, one of those things hasn’t been work. As I mentioned last week, I had cleared out my tickets by Friday, looking to finish all those end-of-the-month items. Now this week, I’ve had a grand total of three assigned, none of which were complex or urgent.

Work may have allowed the slack time, but home is another story. Laundry is all around, there’s not a clean towel to be seen… And now it’s the first, and with this paycheck in the bank there are bills to be paid. This check also needs to pay for some tires for my car — my flat tire yesterday was another fun afternoon. And, it looks like after winning some radio contest for tickets, Marc & Jennie will be staying with us this weekend and urging us to go with them to the motorcycle races at Road Atlanta. Although, we didn’t have plans to do anything else like travel, especially with the gas-scare (sanity, hello?!?). I am thankful that the weather is good enough for JT to be on his bike this week, though he will be breaking his “No Fridays” rule if he takes it tomorrow — Friday AND a holiday weekend makes it doubly scary. I’m hoping he’ll get to work from home.

Oh well. I’ve put the smallest dent in my day, and really don’t feel motivated to be doing anything. Maybe I need a nice walk in the sun… or I guess to find the motivation to play tennis today.


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