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*le sigh*

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 10, 2005 at 7:54 pm by flerly.

I am still sofa king tired. Damn you, crazy weekend. I think made a fair stab at summing up ‘s bachelorette party. In a glorious triumph of no-brainer-ness, however, I realized while sitting at Future at about 3am looking at all the very drunk people I was with that my car was the only one at the hotel, and I had not planned to stay there overnight. JT had wanted to be “on the road” for Chattanooga by 11 at the latest, and with folks not crashing until who knew when, I wasn’t sure we’d have time to get up, clean up, load up, drop everyone off, and get home to shower, change and hit the road in time. It was nice of to let me pack up my crap in the wee morning hours and say she’d call someone else for a ride in the morning.

What was more fun? Why at 4 am it was realizing, once I was packed and ready to load the car, that the last time we drove in to the hotel, the valet hadn’t given us a ticket… I guess they were having too much fun “remembering us” and chatting us up to do their job. And we were having too much fun reciprocating, we didn’t notice. So, I got to cruise around in the parking garage with the valet until we found my car, got the number, then found my keys…. wheeeeeee! (We got remembered mostly because when I opened my trunk for the valet to get the luggage, right on top was our fabulous 24-inch penis sippy-cup, which the guy reached in for without thinking, then jumped back reacting like he’d been burned. “I’ll let one of you ladies take that one, okay?”)

But, when you’re going on about seven hours sleep for 48 hours, there’s nothing that gets you going more than the wonderful odor of baby-shit in a closet-sized two-stall bathroom of a Kid’s Playland where you’re stuck for hours for an obligatory family birthday party. Then, there’s nothing like hoping to make a quick “after-trip” to their house then hit the road and getting stuck waiting for “Dad” to get done with his poorly-timed errands that he has to run and do, which are really just cover for him getting his nicotine fix (without letting his wife know he’s smoking) after driving four 8-year-olds home from the party.

We, too, were sucked into the Braves game at about the 14th inning. For my sleepy ass, it was mostly hypnotic and was doing it’s best to put me to sleep sitting up. When they hit the 16th inning, the fam started talking about us all ordering dinner from someplace, and that caused a minor panic that we wouldn’t get home in time to do much more than carry me to bed. How hard it is to make parents understand that after a night of drinking and not sleeping, that we’re just not in the mood to party with the 8-year-olds, watch baseball, and hang out.

Meh… anyway. Still tired as hell. Have to make a doctor’s appointment this week. Have much shit to do, and the plan is STILL to be out of town again this coming weekend. Really was hoping to get a haircut before the wedding, but I guess I’ll worry about fitting that in next week.

Enough babble… other than to say, Future was uber-fun, and we must do that again. Perhaps with boys.

OH and J or N if you read this, I still have the bag with the dress and jewelry J packed in my car, so yell if you need it, or I’ll just bring it when I see you next…. wedding? NO! Skydiving!


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