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per Southpark, I think it was too soon…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, April 19, 2002 at 5:05 pm by flerly.

Well, got all pissy about having to do that entire HTML mockup as an example for the outside engineering team to follow, and made a remark in jest that earned me some poo-poos from a co-worker.

The engineering team is headquartered in Manhattan only a few blocks from the tragedy. This morning, so on my last nerve, I actually said THIS to a co-worker: Just fyi. If you need anything else urgent, call me. Otherwise, consider me pulling my hair out and secretly wishing Sept. 11th had involved a different city block of Manhattan say, somewhere around IDC’s headquarters

Oh well.. every once in a while my stupid sense of humor bites me in the ass. I can live with it. Finally at long last, doing NOTHING else today, I have finished the stupid functional mockup. Oh how I’d love to call it a day, but that “plenty to do from here” thing I was talking about earlier wasn’t even considering this. Already a site to convert from text search to clickable map search today. Bet they STILL want it done.

Babble babble… need to go to the grocery store, but seeing as how it’s 5pm on Friday, fat fucking chance…. three blocks away or not, Friday traffic is “of the devil”. Well, nothing better to do right now.. better work on the search map. Already committed to two hours of Java study tonight as well as watching some dvd later for “fun and profit”.. or maybe just “fun”. Cheap fun is the goal here gang. Sorry, again, for the invite and decline to go out. Money is just too tight, and my fun level is just too far down to be sociable.

OH! In case I forget, I’ve said it before, but once again JamesT turns into my Prince Charming. After a brief rant about how my life is not where I expected it to be, personally, about how I need to get a “real” job if I’m ever going to be able to support myself and help my mom out, JamesT encourages me and reminds me about love and relationships and sharing, and proves once again that he’s going to be there when I need him.

Okay, sappy crappy for most… but not only have I got my plane ticket to visit mom for mother’s day, but I also got to talk to her yesterday and hear how much she appreciated the little money I sent her. Tomorrow, I get an eye exam, contacts, glasses and generally greatly reduce my “bitch factor”. =)

and tonight…. Java study. My current job is overstressing and underpaying despite how much I love the people I work with. Can’t afford to sit idle… must move onward and upward.



  1. petulant_derek has made a Comment

    If its any consolation, I’m a software developer and I’ve been spending the last 4 weeks or so working on an HTML prototype, complete with custom DHTML behaviors, menus, etc. They keep wanting more, and I have to explain that if I keep adding more, it won’t be a prototype anymore, but will be the final product. Keep after the Java studying, there will be demand. I do microsoft N-Tier development and the market is dead. I think Microsoft developers’ current market rate is about 1 bag of oats per day worked.

    April 19, 2002 @ 11:05 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    A whole bag of oats per day? WHAT a DEAL!

    Ugh.. so I guess it’s not just our retarded engineers that want finished products as mockups. I think i’m going to write out a nice, definative definition of “mockup” in full webster format, print it out so it’s about 4 feet wide, and post it prominantly over my desk. Then, when they walk up to me with that “look” i’ll just turn away and point to the sign.

    April 20, 2002 @ 7:30 am

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