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It’s called “creativity juice” suckah, and you may be buying me another bottle…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 9:32 pm by flerly.

Just breaking… not quitting….

Just spent an hour working on graphics for a site that isn’t actually on this week’s list, thanks to a mistake on the spreadsheet. Thanks. Well, the graphics are done for whenever it shows up, even if the site isn’t actually built yet.

BUT anyway… Today I decided to be iNsAnE and go to the Super Target for the few grocery items I forgot at the Kroger yesterday, mainly because it’s out of the way and there is potential for dawdling and looking at other things. Instead, I ran right down my grocery list, without slacking, then as I was headed back up the aisle between the “groceries” and “the good stuff” I spy the infamous Black and Decker Scumbuster, which JamesT believed was only a legend. And, I got one. No time to open it, yet, but it is here, and I am happy.

Then, continuing up toward checkout I spy evil cat toys on an endcap and think… why not grab a thing or two as gifts for the kitties. So, I get this set of popup cat cubes, which fasten together to make a playhouse if you want. I also got some weird gadget that is four toys in one on a spinning base. Nifty keen. These I do manage to assemble once I get home, and Kitty proceeds to go NUTS. In under five minutes she had one of the cubes clear across the room with the new cat toy gadget pulled inside it. Then… I see one of the four arms has snapped off and been left behind in her fury… not popped out, snapped off — broken. She is STILL going nuts on the thing, and every time Motley passes by to peep in one of the holes in the cube, Kitty swats at her and runs her off. Thus, after some experimentation, the two cubes are now separated and fastened to sides of a chair, so that a cat may play in each one and be out of reach of the other, a scheme which has already worked. Kitty was less keen now that the cubes won’t roll around with her inside, but she was eventually content to just lie in wait inside one for Motley to walk by.

Somebody make me turn off the silverjewelryclub.com website, please. Even though I’m not buying much, it’s like some weird fascination to see what shows up next…. it’s only 14 minutes and 59 seconds… 58… 57…

OH, and since the phone call didn’t happen today I’m LESS angry about an email I got earlier. Sometime in the midst of all this insane site building, I’m supposed to crank out several sample agent-site templates with some “sizzle and wow” that are supposed to be so fabulous that “a college kid couldn’t recreate them if they had 85 hours”. I was cc’d on this weird email, without any real instructions, then moments later had an IM saying I would get a phone call with details. I asked whether it was something they expected this week and was told… “dunno”.

The correct answer is “Hell no it isn’t. In fact, this is nothing you have to worry about until January. Now, just knock off early and go to bed, eh?”

The aquarium trip went a long way toward making me okay with dealing with this huge pile of stuff dropped on me in the last two weeks of December, but to ADD to that pile now, expecting something… good? Well, that’s going to require something else. Certainly more creative juice, an in house masseuse, and someone to remind me to blink.

Only 11 more sites to go… time for a refill of “the juice”


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