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The long and short of it

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 8:06 pm by flerly.

Our whirlwind travel weekend is over, where we managed to make the rounds in Chattanooga dropping off presents and then take the back roads down to Alabama to spend time with my family. Christmas Eve travelling by plane is not recommended, as after many delays, we finally were able to pick up my niece and the fam from the Huntsville airport at 11pm, without their luggage, which was apparently sitting in Cincinnati.

Losing your luggage anytime isn’t a great experience, but doing so when it contains the entirety of your Christmas presents for your 9-year-old daughter who still believes in Santa Claus makes for even more stress. Thus, after spending over an hour trying to arrange for how the bags could be retrieved and when, we made our way to the only thing open… a 24-hour Walgreens, where I distracted the little miss while her parents and grandmother tried to find Santa gifts, under the guise of picking up toiletries and essentials they were missing. Shopping said and done, we made the long, foggy drive back to Winfield, arriving at about 2:30 am Christmas morning, putting the miss to bed, and hurriedly wrapping presents before passing out ourselves.

Thankfully, everything worked out as well as it could, considering they were just getting their bags delivered when we left last night at about 7pm. Many interesting gifts were exchanged, lots of catching up happened, and many varieties of alcohol were imbibed cheerfully.

Oh, and no cell signal was to be had… did I mention that? The short story… JamesT had offered himself as an emergency contact if all hell broke lose at Bellsouth and too many people were on vacation to fix it. What I could glean of the situation, they tried to make use of him to no avail on Christmas eve and day, but we had no idea until we had made it 30 miles toward home last night and suddenly he’s greeted by voice mails and pager messages. He was ticked that the issue was a whopping two-minute fix if you followed the directions, which he said the guy who was trying to call him had sent to him last time the problem happened. But, apparently the guy just didn’t feel comfortable following the directions himself…. so… a little deal snowballed into a flurry of cc’d pages and a moderate shitstorm which he had to deal with this morning.

Anywho… blah… the anticipated long list of sites to work on for the week came right on schedule. Another week of long nights. Niece and her hubby are local until the 5th and considered visiting to go to the aquarium some weekday, but it’s not for sure… Mom is consistently bugging about when we’re coming up to see her, and I can’t make it anytime soon. Not just because I’m swamped, but because I’m against rewarding her for being a hermit. We’ll probably wait until February, honestly, sometime around her birthday. For New Years we are committed to being in Chattanooga with JT’s family, since we’ve now missed two Christmases in a row there. On the bright side I am obligated to watch Star Wars and Harry Potter movies with James’ little brother over the weekend. JT’s dad and stepmom seem to think I’m sweet for agreeing to this, as if I don’t enjoy watching those kiddy movies. Jeez… they are my movies that I let him borrow.

Okay… dinner break is over. Best get back to making mockups — already a day behind.


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