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can’t see anything from back here except this layer of silver nitrate…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, January 27, 2006 at 12:30 pm by flerly.

Thus, on this strange new day, where some have ventured down the rabbit hole for the second annual time, Google celebrates Mozart’s birthday and Lewis Carroll is a nobody. Oh well…

Here on the other side of the looking glass, things aren’t too different. Customers continue to push for their projects to be completed first, but strangely, are understanding when I offer them my schedule. After asking for something today, and I put him off until Monday, a customer replies: “That’s great — cause I know you keep your commitments! Rare these days. I have history with your diligence.”

Only in a world turned upside-down and inside-out would a customer be that nice about not getting what they asked for. Perhaps it is rabbit hole day afterall.

Also today, Kitty has told me that she prefers to sleep late in the mornings, and that I should wait to straighten out the bed covers until later, so as not to disturb her — as witnessed by the very annoyed look she gave me when I tugged the covers a bit before noticing her curled up there. Motley, on the other hand, expressed her fascination with these shiny metals things her humans use to shovel food into their mouths — as expressed by the fact that she sat on the arm of my chair watching the motion of my spoon from bowl to mouth to bowl for the entire time it took to eat my cereal. Also she mentioned that she prefers her milk without too much leftover cereal in it.


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