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Feeling overwhelmed…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 7:42 pm by flerly.

Another night spent without much sleep, and I’m really not sure why it’s happening. If I don’t have some sort of distraction, then my brain shoots off trying to solve work problems, actually designing and rewriting things over and over to the chorus of some Madonna song that never ends. Thus, trying to watch TV I get sleepy as hell, but turn it off, and I’m suddenly wide awake. I’m sure you’ve been there. It sucks.

Of course, the simple reason I probably can’t get work out of my head is that this week I had to upload the first of our complete site revisions to a live site, which I like to do “afterhours” so that we don’t get phone calls from the customer complaining about things being broken. Problem was, it went horribly frustrating and I didn’t manage to finish, so I had to finally flip back to the old template and go to bed. Last night I tried again, and managed to get everything in place and working, but it was ten minutes into the Daily Show when I did.

Today I waited all afternoon for a phone call about my ads that never came. I guess “sometime after 3” was just specific enough to let me worry about it all night, then just vague enough to cause me to be distracted all afternoon waiting for the response. 6:09pm email from the guy: “You’re a gem, but I’m unreliable… I really will call probably tomorrow.” Really, probably, sure.

On the bright side, all this not sleeping is really helping me get through the latest audiobook I’ve been listening to, Eragon. Generally having a sleep timer on the iPod is pretty rocking, except when you don’t actually fall asleep in an hour and it just stops in the middle of a big fight scene, and then you have to look at the clock and try to decide if you want to TRY to sleep or just give it another hour. 10 minutes into trying to sleep I already had another workout-tune stuck in my head again, so I decided to go back to the story.

This afternoon, though, I’d given up by 4 on getting any work done, and went to try to lay down… phone in hand, in case of call. Three phone calls later, none of which were THAT customer, JT gets home and we do our Thursday night bowling thing. Now we just have to figure out dinner, then perhaps a nice distracting movie is in order. Yes, I have work to do, but I think I’ll actually save it for tomorrow.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday, but I’m more looking forward to our mini-vacation next weekend — hopefully snowboarding.



  1. cahenz has made a Comment

    You mentioned Waking Life once. Remember that part when the dude in overalls mentions going to work and working a whole day, only to realize the whole day was a dream? He makes some comment to the effect of “They own you 40 hours a week and now they get your dreams too”.

    I overthink work too. I’ll think about what lottery ticket I need to design and what stuff is in limbo versus what new stuff there is. See, it’s important that I design these lottery tickets JUST right or the people buying rolling papers, porn mags and 40 oz. beers won’t be able to fully appreciate the time and effort that went into makeing them such beautiful pieces of art.

    February 3, 2006 @ 9:14 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    They own you 40 hours a week and now they get your dreams too.

    It’s just not fair. I’m looking foward to figuring out how to turn it off and reclaim my personal life. So far alcohol hasn’t worked, but I think I need to up my dosage.

    February 3, 2006 @ 1:09 pm

  3. cahenz has made a Comment

    We graphic arteests aren’t valued like we should be. Give us money dammit!

    BTW, everyone is different but alchohol really REALLY messes up my sleep. I’ve heard it’s the worse thing for a good nights sleep.

    I keep trying to prove “them” wrong though. If you like herbal tea I’ve found that helps.

    February 3, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

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