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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 27, 2006 at 1:48 pm by flerly.

1000 piece, Disney photo-mosaic puzzled, to be exact. And bless the “stow and go” roll-up puzzle storage bundle we got as well… perfect for puzzle protection from cats. Long time, no put together puzzle. Makes for a cheap, time-consuming weekend activity, that’s for sure.

There are now, temporarily at least, three computer and three clunky monitors covering my entire desk, two drawer file cabinet and three-shelf bookshelf. It’s computer sprawl. For four days this new work computer has been sitting here waiting for everything to be properly installed, and we keep running into issue after issue. The addition of the 3rd monitor today should help me keep up the installs while I continue to roll the dice and work on the old computer. Just need a few more things installed, then I guess we can work on moving my files and email over…. or perhaps we should wait until Mr. Janow gets back into town with my spanking new copy of XP Pro.

For the record, OEM versions of software that only work on ONE pc, ever… sucks. The crappy computer that came with your OS is dead, why can’t I now use that copy of XP on my new replacement computer with the same license. I’m still only running one copy. Grumble. Compaq cheap package deal crappy grumble assholes. I hope you can see this, I’m doing it as hard as I can.

Tonight… painting preparations with Skittles for the official painting party Wednesday, sensible dinner and an all new Medium.

Meanwhile back to today… installing software, working tickets, and sitting around waiting for a conference call that isn’t officially scheduled for a time, just a day… today.


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