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media night

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 17, 2006 at 10:59 pm by flerly.

Been a long time since we went to a movie on opening night, but V for Vendetta got us out. Typical hate-the-crowd atmosphere not withstanding, the movie was to my liking. Long, yes, but intense. I might be interested in picking up the graphic novel now, since I’ve already enjoyed the film version and you can’t take that away. Still have Watchmen in the pile to read, too, though no word of a movie for that one yet. Guess there’s no reason to save it.

Well, it might be time to chill out and read something. Been feeling very worn out this week, if not outright sick anymore, just plain tired and head-achy. Cannot get enough sleep. Tonight is no exception. Been working on Stroke of Midnight all week, but can’t keep my eyes open to read long enough. It may be a record for a Laurell K. Hamilton book.

Tomorrow… the weekend gets hopping. We must be busy busy bees. Two parties in two states in two days.



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