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Good Morning, Caribbean…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 27, 2006 at 11:24 am by flerly.

So, at about 3am last night, when we had finally hammered out our financial plan for the next year, calculated paying taxes, and finally bought the tickets for the San Francisco trip… we are laying in bed doing our best to wind down from all these numbers in our head. Finally, it occurs to me… Marc and Jennie are on their honeymoon.

Neither has really travelled, and when they called to let everyone know they had driven all night and made it from Greenville to Fort Lauderdale without stopping for rest, they also said that was the biggest boat they’d ever seen and they were both starting to get a little nervous about being out at sea. So, I’m thinking… they boarded on Sunday and crashed to sleep until the muster drill at least. Then there’s dinner and then it’s pretty much dark out. Sure the boat leaves port, but you don’t really get the full impact of seeing the open ocean by daylight that first day, if they even managed to stay up to try that first night.

So, I turn to James and say, “You know… Marc and Jennie are going to wake up in the morning and see the beautiful blue ocean and some Caribbean island tomorrow for the very first time. Can you imagine how amazing that’s going to be?” Already, over the wedding weekend, we’d been going through the pictures from our cruise, late at night in our hotel room. Boy, those images tug at something inside you and make you wish for someplace quiet, breezy and warm.

And I really don’t think San Fran in April will be quiet or warm, but perhaps we can count on the scent of an ocean breeze. Perhaps. We still don’t know what we’re doing out there other than seeing David Gilmore on Monday night. Though, that, perhaps is enough to do. Camera and comfortable walking shoes to sightsee will lead to finding places to refuel will lead to more sightseeing. Who needs more of a plan than that. So long as we know we have transportation from the airport to hotel and back, and a car to take us to the concert and back. The rest can pleasantly unfold as it will and suit me fine. Que sera sera.

In other news, a recent change at work may cause me to be leashed to my desk from 8am to 10pm during the week and 8am to 6pm on weekends, but we are going to rotate shifts. SO, until I know more, I’m making no plans to do anything outside the house until further notice… our three upcoming travel weekends are already accounted for, and whenever we get an engagement party invite, I’ll add that in as “me time”, but otherwise… I’m not even supposed to walk to the mailbox on my shift if it takes me longer than 2 minutes. Yes, we’ve stacked the dominos at work even closer together than usual and the table surface is wobbly as ever, but as of yet, they have not managed to all come falling down.

Link to some photo galleries including this weekend’s wedding may follow later today.


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