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Getting a little ahead of yourselves, eh BBC?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 31, 2006 at 10:17 am by flerly.

Doctor Who stars sign for Season Three is a headline on The Register today. Still no announcement about when Season Two will begin airing, or finish filming… or anything, but there will be a season three damnit.

What’s holding up Season Two? Well The Register has a blurb about that, too… Psst, want to be on Dr Who?

…even the biggest telly in the world can’t make the BBC give us a starting date for the new Doctor Who. It seems the Beebmeisters are too busy fielding “Dear Jim” letters from famous people who want to be in an episode. Latest addition is Peter Kay, who’ll star as dastardly Victor Kennedy in episode 10 after writing a bot-kissing letter to Russell T Davies. The new series also features Anthony Head (Giles!), Maureen Lipman and Roger Lloyd-Pack (Barty Crouch?). And some geezer called David Tennant.

Anywho… “new” Season 1 episode airs tonight on Sci-Fi, but if you care enough to read this far, you knew that.

Alas, though, we will miss it, due to our dinner engagement. Good thing I have it on the computer and have watched it at least twice already.

Speaking of dinners… tomorrow I’m not sure whether we have plans with the JT’s step mom, who is in town for some conference. Probably dinner, if anything. Probably Carrabas… although she is a Cheesecake Factory fan. Mmmm.. fish tacos. And Sunday if we do anything, we’ll be eating out with James’ Dad, in town separately just to go to the Bell South Classic with JT. Perhaps another busy weekend, perhaps not so much. Hard to tell.

Next week, though… mucho work.

Anyway.. here’s some silliness:http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/03/31/ebay_box_sale/

PS: My Amazon “gold box” deal, which usually offers me children’s movies or crappy music, today pulled the Shadowrun, 4th edition hardcover rulebook out of it’s little golden ass. It’s like it read my mind, thinking about RPGs lately (as happens after watching Serenity again). But still… who writes this gold box “logic”? Yes, I’ve bought a Cromartie High School Anime DVD there and yes, I’ve bought some Hellsing Manga there, that doesn’t mean I now want to own every Pokeman video.


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