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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 2:22 pm by flerly.

So much for movie lunch.. damn Yahoo movie times were nearly an hour off. Instead, ended up at lunch with “the guys” again… hold on while I muster the strength to say “thrilling”… wow, the world longest, slowest, least exciting game of foosball. Hamburgers again? OH! and now they great us with an apron full of mayonnaise packets before they even take our drink order. That is called “regulars”.

Funny though, these “guys” are anything but regular. Lunch conversation included when to be “vigilantly tense” — as in a technique a foosball goalie would use, but soon became a defense for prison inmates as well, “fast racing” versus “slow racing”, or “racing w/o turbos” as it was defined, things JasonC needs before he can get a date… which were a new car, roofies, and my suggestion, a taser…. Um, why you always turn to watch the racing tv screens when it goes to slow-mo, because you know they’re about to show a big wreck…

Blah.. anyway.. it was all so much nothing that they ought to write a Seinfeld about it.

Dreamt last night that I passed out one day at work and had to be taken to the hospital, where I stayed in a coma for 8 weeks before I woke up. When I did wake up, I found my foot-in-mouth-diseased brother JC there going on and on about how, no matter what the doctors said, he was convinced it was the Atkins Diet. He had all these charts and graphs he had made showing my progress on the diet, and different medical crap that corresponded. He and my mom were arguing about it, until I finally just got up, dressed and left them behind.

Perhaps I’ll online shop for motorcycles later.. that may kill some time. REALLY don’t think I can get away with leaving early today. TOO many people around not respecting of the headphones.


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