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T-minus 30 minutes

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 at 4:43 pm by flerly.

I love these little daily IM interactions with James:

[15:19] Flerly: kill me
[15:20] Chemguru: !

Note to anyone: If you were to come over right now, your ears would bleed because the music is so loud. Not too loud, though. Just as loud as it needs to be to not hear the phone ring. From space. CHUT-UP! CHUT-UP!

Note to employer: We need to hire more people. Covering for multiple people being out sucks. Although, I have much sympathy for poor, unexpectedly hospitalized Pam. Still no good news on that front. The way things have fallen apart with her absence, I think I may have a clue to her ailment… we were working her to death.

I’ve had big plans to be cooking more lately… like non-box-meal cooking, which has been so-so. Tonight, though I just don’t know if I’ll have the time for the plan, and we may end up with the old standby. 5pm starts my 2nd evening shift covering emails. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I get dayshift. Sunday, thankfully I’m off and available for some wedding-dress shopping.

So, last night was a fiasco… hoping tonight goes better. The trick really is using all three computers to have all the necessary windows open for looking things up and transferring information, and logging everything. Personally, I’m not sure how anybody who is rotating out these shifts with me manages to do it any other way. Perhaps that’s why I keep getting “freaked out” emails and phone calls prior to them passing the shift my way.

In the OMG This is old newz! LOL! category, I finally gave in and signed up for MySpace, hoping that I’d have better luck locating old friends with it than Classmates. So far, not so much. A couple. Did run across some family I don’t talk to enough, so that makes it worthwhile so far.

Okay… 20 minutes of freedom left before emails start pouring in.


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